Monday, May 27, 2013

Stock Racket Inequity

When stock markets rise, who cares? We should boo, not cheer.

Jerome AZ

Electro-Doo-Dad Inc. ships its Useless Thingy factory to where the hungriest work cheapest. Stock goes up.

Grey Planet Industries swallows Superfluous Appliance Manufacturing; redundant thousands begin Government Cheese diet, remaining slaves must now work too much. Stock goes up.

Owners shuffle papers, goose computers, bribe legislators, downsize, cut pay, reduce bennies, screw or boot the actual doers of work. Stocks go up.

Instead: “News” people: add up every stock exchange in the world, and put a minus sign in front of it. Call it the Blown Jones Human Misery Index. Would make more sense for we of the real world.


Solar dryer fail

Speaking of reality: instantly save a sphincter-load of 
electricity by drying your clothes with the Gigantic Sky Orb. If stormed upon, as pictured, a bonus: “rainwater fresh,” for freakin’ free! Acid rain? Acid wash! No worries, harried launderers, the Orb always works, eventually.


Camp Verde AZ

“Our capacity for empathy is why the reality of war is usually kept from us or delivered in measured, manipulative doses—our wounded, perhaps, but not theirs, or those of our wounded who make for uplifting stories, but not those who are severely mutilated. And we face choices about how we live, because we are implicated.”

--Rebecca Solnit, from The Separating Sickness, Harper’s Magazine, June 2013.