Friday, June 14, 2013

What I Live For

Besides intimate marital activity, this is what I live for.

Black Canyon, AZ

Spring sun, third son, saunter day. Already desert Arizona hot, off-trail to a little known waterhole, in one of the many canyons named “Black.”

Black Canyon AZ
No trail, steep loose rock. Snake season greetings!

No tourists at this destination. Water and bird song.

Black Canyon AZ

Swam in this lower pool, sweet painfully cold.

Black Canyon AZ

Snow melt trickle in a side canyon, tasty!

 “Through no wisdom of its own, but out of necessity, industrial civilization… is now forced to realize that there are limits, and that there is a life-support system composed of millions of subsystems all working or playing together with amazing grace.”

                                      --Gary  Snyder,  A Place in Space, p. 98