Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reduce Stress--Care Less!

Normally when a person says “I couldn’t care less,” it is a lie. Anyone can care less about anything, if they try. And the less you care, the less you suffer stress.

Phoenix AZ

Look at your life. Every thought that paces back and forth in your brain and gives you a head or stomach ache, is caused by caring about someone or something. Maybe there are some people and stuff you should care less about.

Detail of sculpture by Jeff Frabish in Prescott AZ

For instance, why care about yesterday or tomorrow? They don’t exist. Yesterday’s gone forever, and you can put off caring about tomorrow until tomorrow, which is never today.

Flagstaff AZ

It’s easy to care less about your home decor, clothing “style”, or personal beauty, because everyone cares too much. You will always be who you are, no matter how fancy your disguise, so why bother? Gladly save precious time and cash by not caring what people think.

Iron King Mine, Jerome AZ

If you work for, and with, lazy incompetent buffoons, you can work an honest day anyhow, by not caring. Do your part, and let everyone else kiss butts, butt heads, and slack off. (Any similarity to anyone’s former employer is completely intentional.)

Cottonwood AZ

Nature makes us care about the fate of our children far beyond their survival needs--so forget ‘em now and then. Do your parental best, so your conscience is clear, but their penthouse or prison is their own blessed fault in the end. And your animals--unless they are a major food source, how important are they really?

Cottonwood AZ

If you are so poor you must eat food you hate, no one cares, nor should you. Shut up ‘n’ eat, until you are hungry enough to riot. It does no good to worry about far-away starving souls either. What are ya gonna do, mail ‘em a sandwich? If they’re too weak and sick to riot, it’s too late anyhow.

Electronic entertaining ‘world events’ are mostly propaganda and personalities, so end their abuse of your psyche by not caring. Like the ongoing 'holy land’ battle of Judaism versus Islam cheered on by Christians. The same grumpy god inspires all three to jabber hate to the cameras, and all three are correct according to various electrified ‘news’ sources. You are forgiven if you just don’t care anymore.

Prescott AZ

As for sporting events: Seriously? It never matters who wins, nor will it ever. Enjoy the game or skip it. Apathy is critical to all sports fanaticism, since all but the champions are considered losers.

Near Petrified Forest NP, AZ

Many people pretend to care about planetary overheating, but they don’t really, or they’d ride bikes, dry clothes outdoors, and turn off lights and gadgets. You don’t have to care at all, just do your part and you’ll feel better about it. The rest of the folk will follow when the oceans begin to swallow high-end real estate.

Industrial Waste, AZ

If you are suffering through any sort of existential crisis, stop now. God or no god, you still have to get up and go to work in the morning. Believe or don’t, but relax. Logic and hard work will get you through life just fine. God won’t lose sleep over whether or not you believe in It.


And if you stop caring whether or not you die, life blossoms with possibilities. Try sky diving, bull riding, storm chasing, drag racing, cage fighting, or exercising your right to riot peaceably assemble.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park, AZ

As you go about your day, why care what anyone thinks about anything? It takes a lot of reading and thinking to develop an intelligent opinion, and most of the world is too busy surviving, or too stupid, to do much of that. If you unplug every electronic device you will not miss anything important, but gain hours of freedom and mental peace, perhaps time to form your own opinion.

Mt. Kendrick AZ

Take care of what little is worth caring about, your mate, those pesky family/animals/friends, your next meal, the roof leak. Let the rest of it go. All you can do each day is show up and try. And if anyone asks “Who cares?” You can cheerfully say “Not I.”


“You know, country people don’t shine their boots very often. And, they don’t shine other folks’ boots either.”

Tom T. Hall (1936- )

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